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True TeamWork™

worktime resilienceWhile some jobs or tasks are conducted in isolation, most jobs today involve some form of teamwork or working with others. These work teams typically are well-designed for normal operating conditions. But, the first crucial question to address is whether your work teams have role clarity for abnormal conditions or upsets in the making?  If not, it is likely that poor teamwork actually is contributing to the escalation of minor operational problems into more significant, high-potential events.  If not, then you need a True TeamWork™ Design with efficient role clarity and performance during abnormal situations.

The second question to ask is whether your company is emphasizing effective teamwork as a critical safety practice? More and more industries, including NASA and the U.S. Navy, are recognizing that team situation awareness as well as decision making within work groups can contribute positively to safe and efficient task performance. That's why a number of leading companies are now focused on building these critical competencies in a team context.  True TeamWork™ Training—a key Pillar of High Performance Reliability—enables companies to generate a step change in operational reliability and safety through strong, team-based situation awareness and team capabilities for performance relaibility, including Mindful Monitoring and Deep Diagnosing.

Another vital capability for front-line employees, whether salaried or hourly, is resilience. Defined as "the ability to handle change easily and recover quickly...", resilience is critical for everyone faced with the pressures of a dynamic and Always-On World.  That's why RoundTheClock Resources has developed Building Vitality™ Training Courses for  Extended DayWorkers, New ShiftWorkers, and GlobalWorkersAdditionally, learning programs specific to new shiftworkers and shiftworkers' families also are provided by RoundTheClock Resources.