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RoundTheClock Resources


What is so compelling about RoundTheClock Resources is that they learn your business very very quickly, and have incredible problem analysis skills. They can sift through mountains of information, analyze it and make the right strategic recommendations. RoundTheClock Resources also is outstanding at engaging stakeholders, and have great integrity and follow-through. And they deliver results. If Dr. Koen says the recommended interventions will save you $2 million, you get the results and savings predicted.

Highly professional and personalized. True subject matter experts. We went from a 5-day, 3-shift to a 7-day, 4-shift operation. The decision was driven by a need to reduce the costs in order to be competitive. There was a lot of emotion around work schedule change. RoundTheClock Resources' engagement approach really helped, and was compatible with BD's culture. Great methodology. It was extremely important to get the buy-in from the workforce. They established credibility with the workers because RoundTheClock literally worked with them. There were a whole host of paths that would have been undesirable, but we got a great result. It was a non-union shop before and after, and we were able to exceed our operational efficiency goal.
RoundTheClock Resources helped me to maximize an operation that ran 168 hours a week. I learned how to build the right culture to succeed in a continuous operation, and get the most out of all hours. Most business leaders accept the assumption that work is more productive in the normal work hours. But we all have to get to a new, higher performance reality. RoundTheClock Resources is the only consulting firm I know who understands this new reality and can help you achieve it.
We needed an outside expert to come in and prove to senior management that we could make changes in our staffing and scheduling model and save money. The expertise and mathematical models and the ability to boil down the issue and simplify it were key. You can have the confidence that they are experts. They have the bona fides to convince management they could deliver the promised results.
RoundTheClock Resources stands out from the rest because of their process, expertise, and methodology. Changing people's work schedule is risky. It's a high stakes game. You risk having turnover and you may never get a second chance. Our schedule has been in place for 15 years, since RoundTheClock Resources helped us implement it. In all that time, we have had consistently low turnover. People really liked the process, and the new work schedule. A nearby company tried a staffing & scheduling change at the same time with a different consulting firm, but it failed. Here, employees still talk positively about the entire schedule change process approach. A lasting experience.