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Strategic Shift Schedules

efficiency, attractiveness, effectivenessA strategic shift schedule for a given workplace is one that aligns with business and human capital strategies, and also balances the three scheduling properties of efficiency, attractiveness and effectiveness.

Efficiency is more than the labor costs associated with a particular shift schedule. A true efficiency analysis also has to take into account the schedule's contribution to overall production efficiency and the speed of product/service delivery, as well as the "hidden costs" of a particular shift system, including current productivity levels, accident/injury rates, turnover, absenteeism and quality/error rates.

Attractiveness refers to employees' desire to work a particular shift schedule. Since attractiveness varies with the demographics of the workforce, as well as the geographical location and physical environment of the workplace, there is no single shift schedule that can be successful in every work site. Rather, an optimal shift schedule is one that best matches the business requirements and employee preferences within a given workplace.

What can be measured quite precisely is the effectiveness or "livability" of a shift schedule for a specific employee group.  Contact us to have RoundTheClock Resources' scheduling experts evaluate the "livability" of your current schedule(s).  Or, contact us to discuss your shift schedule optimization needs and how we can assist you with a field-tested Strategic Scheduling Process Consultation.