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Strategic Scheduling Consultations

The determination of work-hours capacity requirements, and the selection of an optimal work schedule for a given enterprise site or work group, must take into account myriad issues. From an operations perspective, these issues range from demand predictability to business process requirements to workforce training needs.  And, the complexity and difficulty of workforce scheduling also are exacerbated by the human condition.  Chronobiology and fatigue physiology research have taught us that humans have "design specifications" that constrain their performance across time.  For these reasons, it is essential to design and implement Strategic Scheduling – scheduling that aligns with both business strategy and the strategic utilization of human capital to ensure peak performance now and inthe future.

To align your Company's work schedules for better strategy execution and breakthrough performance reliability results, contact us to learn about our Strategic Scheduling Process Consultations.  Or, first, read a case study of how Alcoa used Strategic Scheduling to position itself to capture greater market share in the highly-competitive aerospace and automotive markets.  Then, contact us to learn how your Company can achieve a similarly high ROI through our Strategic Scheduling Process Consultations.

If you want to optimize shift schedules in a multi-shift operation, including 24/5, 24/6 or 24/7 operations, or you want to transition to expanded work-hours capacity, contact us to learn more about our Shift Schedule Optimization for Multi-Shift Operations.