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Strategic Approach

We enable our customers to successfully execute their business strategies and thrive in today's Always-On World by establishing Sustainable Performance Systems within all their business operations.  Businesses powered by Sustainable Performance Values and Practices know how to harness the myriad Time Forces pressuring people and businesses across the globe.  They excel at creating energized, engaged and empowered organizations and people capable of driving business success all-the-time, anytime and across time. The strategic approach we take in building a Sustainable Performance System within our customers operations follows this simple mantra:

Fast, Flexible & Forward-Leaning

Here's how we execute on this three-part strategic direction in our own business:

Fast... and Effective

We recognize the fast pace of business today, and adhere to it ourselves, without losing our focus on quality. In fact, our recent Customer Satisfaction Survey showed we "exceeded expectations" on Timeliness of our services for 70% of our customers and "met expectations" the remainder of the time. Several customers added these comments:

RoundTheClock Resources is very responsive. I knew I could call them at any time and they would be able to help me right away or they would get right back to me.

RoundTheClock Resources is very responsive and really cares. They were there whenever I needed them. Had the right technology. And, had the know-how for solving our shiftwork problems.


Current reality is this: change is constant, and continuous improvement is a must, so everyone in business today has to be flexible. We  are committed to a partnership mindset, including building our customers' internal capabilities, which means that we will find a way to match our products and services to your needs, your capacity and your budget. That's why our customers say the following about us:

Everything is extremely well-executed and well-run. I felt like I was the only client they were working with. Made me feel like I was in good hands. Never felt shuffled around. Susan had worked shift schedules herself so she understood it very well personally.

RoundTheClock Resources is more genuinely interested in working WITH our Company, to understand us and to work with us piece by piece and in a tailored fashion.


Success today requires companies to stay ahead of the curve, to innovate constantly, and to "break" and re-build their business to keep pace with their customers needs. RoundTheClock Resources stays on the cutting edge of its fields of expertise, both with respect to research as well as practices appropriate to the industries we serve. We also utilize a systems-thinking mindset, keeping our eye on the whole "picture" of business, work, and workplaces, and all the forces influencing performance —whether at the enterprise, operations or human level. That's why our customers say the following:

They are the best consultants I have ever worked with in 27 years. When it comes to work system design and scheduling, RoundTheClock Resources has the facts and analysis. They also have a broad understanding of business and can apply a broader "systems approach" to solving any performance problem at its roots. Working with them is like money in the bank.

RoundTheClock Resources doesn't just consult and talk; they tell it like it is, and follow through. They look at it from multiple perspectives and pull it together. They are not trying to "sell us"; they are trying to solve our problem once and for all! Candid, honest feedback with a solid plan and a focus on measurable results.