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ShiftWork: How To Cope® Introductory Guide

Our ShiftWork: How To Cope® Introductory Guide is the premier shiftwork education product for new hires. This valuable training tool is used in over 4,000 shiftwork operations around the globe. It was the first shiftwork lifestyle education resource to be adopted by 24/7 operations, and still is the most effective.

Effective Shiftwork Orientation Tool

The ShiftWork: How To Cope® Introductory Guide was designed by a team of occupational medicine and adult learning specialists who know how to generate maximum sustainable improvements in health and lifestyle choices. The content was developed by prominent sleep, nutrition and psychology experts together with real shiftworkers. So you can be confident that this shiftwork orientation tool is both practical and based on the most up-to-date scientific knowledge available.

ShiftWork: How To Cope® Introductory Guide

Focusing on awareness-level knowledge for new shiftwork employees, the ShiftWork: How To Cope® Guide is an off-the-shelf training tool for new hires and their families. When combined with our Shiftwork: A Family Affair® DVD, new hires have the tools they need to understand the benefits of shiftwork as well as the consequences of poor shiftwork lifestyle adjustment, for themselves, their families and their workplace. Employees gain practical knowledge about the human circadian rhythm system and basic strategies for sleeping, eating, fatigue reduction and on-the-job alertness.

Purchasing Information

ShiftWork: How To Cope® Guides
Minimum order: 20 books @ $13.50 each = $270.00
shiftwork how to copeAfter initial order, discounted pricing as follows:

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500+ books $7.95 each

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Next Steps to Higher Performance

If you need an education program for your experienced shiftwork employees, use the side navigation to link to a description of our Building Vitality™ for Shift Work Course.

If you would like to receive more detailed information about the ShiftWork: How To Cope® Introductory Guide or Shiftwork: A Family Affair® DVD before you place your order, please contact us by email today. We will send you an outline of the content for both the Guide and DVD, as well as data on their proven benefits.