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ShiftWork: A Family Affair® DVD

Shiftwork is more than a work schedule. It's a lifestyle, and it requires new ways of thinking and living!

This self-help ShiftWork: A Family Affair® DVD is designed to educate shift employees and their family members about the keys to shiftwork success. First, and foremost, this program acknowledges the challenges faced by shiftwork families, and provides proven strategies for optimizing family time. Additionally, ShiftWork: A Family Affair® explains the circadian rhythm system and draws on interviews with real shift employees to convey the importance of having shiftwork lifestyle adjustment strategies. Proven, practical techniques for improving sleep quality, digestive disorders and physical health and stamina also are presented.

The ShiftWork: A Family Affair® learning experience can be enhanced by giving each shiftwork family a copy of the ShiftWork: How To Cope® Introductory Guide, which was designed for family use and parallels the content covered in the DVD. Redundancy and multiple-format learning are critical to changing the knowledge and choices of shiftworkers and their families.

ShiftWork: A Family Affair® promises to help shiftwork families achieve shiftwork success — optimal, sustained health and well-being, regardless of their family member's work hours.

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ShiftWork: A Family Affair® DVD

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Next Steps to Higher Performance

If you need an education program for your experienced shiftwork employees, take a look at our Building Vitality™ for ShiftWork Course.

If you would like to receive more detailed information about the ShiftWork: How To Cope® Introductory Guide or Shiftwork: A Family Affair® DVD before you place your order, please contact us by email today. We will send you an outline of the content for both the Guide and DVD, as well as data on their proven benefits.