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RoundTheClock Resources

Shift Schedule Optimization for Multi-Shift Operations

Shift schedule design and implementation in multi-shift operations, including 24/7 and continuous operations, are a specialty of RoundTheClock Resources, Inc.  Our approach to shift schedule optimization is based on scientific studies of shift schedules, as well as our highly successful shift schedule change-management process.

We know from experience that shift schedule optimization is the most complex—and the most emotional—organizational change that leaders can undertake. For this reason, the process used to initiate and complete a shift schedule change is more important to long-term organization effectiveness, workforce satisfaction and business performance than the product itself — the specific shift schedule.

Our Strategic Scheduling Process Consultation service has enabled industry giants as diverse as Procter & Gamble, Alcoa, Hewlett-Packard, BHP Billiton, Saint-Gobain, General Mills, Shell Oil/Albian Sands,  Canadian Tire and Syncrude Canada, as well as many mid-size companies, to optimize their shiftwork operations. We also can help your company achieve the 10 times average ROI levels that these companies have attained.  Contact us to discuss shift schedule optimization in your enterprise using our highly-successful Strategic Scheduling Process Consultation.