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Reliability-Centered Culture & Leadership

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RoundTheClock Resources enables client companies to establish a Reliability-Centered Culture—an essential Pillar of High Performance Reliability —across their corporate and site operations.

With formal leaders functioning asynchronously from many front-line employees, organizational culture is playing an even greater, more critical role in knitting geographically-dispersed, Always-On operations together into a High Performance Reliability Organization (HighPRO). Additionally, culture increasingly is the mechanism for delivering operational reliability as well as "Right First Time" Reliability in workforce performance across all times of the day and week.

In fact, to be successful today, companies need to embed "Right First Time" Reliability thinking and practices into their enterprise-wide Organizational Culture, driving out immediacy, urgancy and episodic pacing.  A Reliability Culture—a pervasive, integrated pattern of performance reliability behaviors by leaders and team members alike, as well as the underlying beliefs, values, customs, and aspirations that drive these desired behaviors across all work hours—enables enterprises to deliver superior products and/or services anytime, all the time, and across time.

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The dynamic nature and complexity of global, mobile, extended-day and round-the-clock work require formal organization leaders to have the knowledge and mindset to drive high human performance reliability across all job categories and all hours of operation.  To do so, they need to have state-of-the-art understanding of how the human brain works, and the hazards that the brain can create during task performance. Moreover, to be effective, today's leaders need to know what organizational culture, structures and practices can mitigate these brain-centered hazards and enable employees to achieve and sustain "Right First Time" Reliability.

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