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Reliability-Centered Culture Consultation

Every organization has a primary Organizational Culture—the integrated pattern of behavior that transmits its values, customs, aspirations, and underlying beliefs among members, and especially to new members. Unless this core culture is strong enough, however, every isolated work site or work group— whether it be a regional office of a global company or a fixed Night-shift crew in a 24/7 plant operation—also is likely to have its own subculture. When these subcultures carry messages that are different and even antithetical to the core strategy and values of the business, they become counterproductive and a potential barrier to building a High Performance Reliability Organization™ (HighPRO).  In such scenarios, there is a clear absence of reliability values and behaviors embedded strongly enough in the primary Organizational Culture that should be delivering high levels of safety and performance reliability across all hours and locations where Company work is being performed.

Organizational leaders, who are responsible for embedding a strong Organizational Culture, need to know how to intentionally and consistently drive the desired Reliability-Centered Culture throughout the enterprise.  RoundTheClock Resources can help you shape and build a strong Reliability Culture across all work sites and work shifts.

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