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Measurable Results

Throughout our 30-year history, RoundTheClock Resources always has focused on the measurable outcomes for customers purchasing our products and services. While many consulting and training firms complain that ROIs can't be calculated for talent retention or fatigue risk mitigation or workforce resilience, RoundTheClock Resources believes strongly that measurable results for our customers have to be achieved and documented.

So far, we have produced $1.65 billion in measurable ROI for our customers. Here's how we did it:

  • Capacity-Yield (throughput) improvements of 27% to 65%
  • Error/waste reductions of 27% to 45%
  • Absenteeism reductions of 15% to 37%
  • Talent Retention improvement of 21% to 60%
  • Productivity increases of 18% to 47%
  • Accident/Injury reductions of 25% to 52%
  • Employee Satisfaction gains of 29% to 43%
  • Customer Loyalty gains of 38% to 57%

Review our case studies to see some examples of real ROIs.  Read testimonials written by senior leaders in Operations and Human Resources who have worked with us to achieve High Performance Reliability in their business enterprises.   These client companies — and the people at their core — have achieved significant and lasting changes because they have recognized that there are no quick fixes to the challenges created by today's fast-paced, uncertain and Always-On World. Rather, those challenges need to be transformed into opportunities by enabling and sustaining human performance reliability in more strategic, brain-centered ways.

Let RoundTheClock Resources deliver breakthrough results for your Company. Contact us to discuss your human errors, performance reliability challenges and/or fatigue risk mitigation needs.