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SAFR Individuals™ Fatigue Assessment

Proven Solution for Real-Time Individual Fatigue Risk Assessment

Fatigue is an individual, person-centered state that can be caused by organizational factors or drivers.  Left unchecked, workplace fatigue produces both organizational and individual risks.  The most significant type of fatigue risk is cognitive fatigue, followed by mental and physical fatigue.  Cognitive fatigue cannot yet be detected reliably with one simple test.  Rather, companies need a multi-metric, field-validated assessment tool that can reliably detect an individual employee's risk for a fatigue-driven error, injury or accident.  RoundTheClock Resources has the only such individual assessment tool that was originally designed and validated in the U.S. nuclear power industry, a world recognized industry of High Performance Reliability Organizations (HighPROs). This highly-effective SAFR Individuals™ Fatigue Risk Assessment Tool (or SAFR I-FRAT™ for short) is grounded in the latest fatigue risk management research and  FRMS design principles, and it also delivers proven risk mitigaton results.

Combined with the Qualified Fatigue Risk Assessor Certification Training, the SAFR I-FRAT™ can identify one of the primary precursors of serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs) as well as high-consequence organizational accidents before significant harm is caused.

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