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Reliability-Focused Performance System

To address the complexities involved in creating a High Performance Reliability Organization (HighPRO) with the characteristics depicted on the Methodology page, RoundTheClock Resources first enables client companies to design and implement a comprehensive Reliability-Focused Performance System  Model that delivers sustained human performance reliability.

Reliability-Focused Performance System Consultations take a strategic and systemic approach to designing organizations for optimal operational and human reliability & performance.  Every Consultation has three major phases:

SAFR Operations™ Analysis: an organizational analysis of the current business context, market space, strategies, and performance outcomes; current and proposed organization & work system designs; planned/required changes in context, markets(s), strategies or outcomes; and barriers to High Reliability & High Performance created by the current organization/work system design.

Reliability Roadmap Design: the creation of a tailored plan for establishing the Four Pillars of High Performance Reliability within a given company, division or work site.

Reliability Roadmap Implementation: the conduct of an organizational change process to transition the enterprise to a sustainable High Reliability Organization (HighPRO).

Reliability-Focused Performance Systems are comprised of, at a minimum, Brain-Focused Job Training, Brain-Aligned SOPs and related work instructions and critical-task checklists, and Reliability-Focused Investigation Protocols that facilitate the identification of individual and team actions and behavioral processes when work is performed with "Right First Time" Reliability. In addition, our Performance System Consultations can include Strategic Staffing and/or Strategic Scheduling because these organizational elements directly impact the real-time performance reliability of a particular work site or a work group. 

Contact us to learn more about how to install a Reliability-Focused Performance System in your Company, Business Unit or Work Site.