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Building Vitality™ for GlobalWork

Global work is expanding rapidly, and many are wondering if work in this always-on, global world is going to take over their whole lives.  Most people who have seen their work hours grow exponentially have no effective behavioral strategies for dealing with their 11+-hour workdays and continuous work weeks.  This new fast-paced, Always-On World of global work teams is not going away.  So, it is crucial for all global-work employees to learn how to implement countermeasures to prevent the negative consequences from cross-time-zone work and global travel, like sleep deprivation, physical fatigue, digestive disorders and social/family isolation.  Such learning is especially important for Global Work Teams that are operating from different time zones and yet need to expedite their work through periodic face-to-face meetings, whether through global travel or online meetings in the middle of someone's night.

RoundTheClock Resources has been providing training on Building Vitality™ for 30 years. We have successfully enabled hundreds of thousands of extended day workers, shift workers and global workers to change their lives for the better, and manage the stresses caused by the fast pace of the marketplace and the resulting work-time expansion.

Right now, RoundTheClock Resources can provide Master Trainers to deliver on-site sessions of the field-tested and results-producing Building Vitality™ for GlobalWork  Course. This Course also can be delivered by a Master Trainer in an on-line, facilitated format.

Contact us today to create a Training Plan to deliver the Building Vitality™ for GlobalWork Course to your company's global work teams and/or global travelers.