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Strategic Fatigue Risk Mitigation System--FRMS

fatigue riskAnother key Pillar of High Performance Reliability is Fatigue Risk Mitigation. Rising levels of human fatigue across all types of businesses have endangered organizational performance on key metrics like safety, reliability, quality and even productivity. To truly mitigate mounting risks to business success, companies need to build a comprehensive, aligned and strategic system, known as a Fatigue Risk Mitigation System or FRMS, that overlays all aspects of organizational culture, structure, processes, practices and people. It is not enough to set your sights on "fatigue management". Organizational leaders are beginning to understand and focus on fatigue risk mitigation—tackling fatigue at all of its root sources, rather than just managing it once it manifests in the workplace.

The Strategic FRMS Solutions included in our SAFR System for Brain-Centric Relaibility™ Services Suite build both organizational and individual defenses against fatigue in the workplace, and especially cognitive (brain) fatigue.  Within each component of the SAFR SystemSAFR Operations™ and SAFR Individuals™ — are fatigue training courses, fatigue risk analysis and/or assessment tools, and fatigue mitigation interventions.  In combination, these comprehensive, field-tested SAFR System Solutions produce increased Human Performance Reliability, sustained Workforce Safety and Productivity, reduced Organizational Risks, heightened Operational Reliability and improved Organizational Performance.

If you are unsure about the extent of workplace fatigue within your Company, Division or Work Site, the best starting point is a comprehensive SAFR Operations™ Analysis that includes an assessment of workplace fatigue drivers within your Organizational Culture, Organizational Structures and Operational Practices.

Additionally, to learn how our SAFR Individuals™ Fatigue Risk Assessment Tool and comprehensive Strategic FRMS Consultations can prevent fatigue-related financial, product, reputation and workforce risks and liabilities for your Company and produce High Performance Reliability, contact us today.