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Strategic FRMS Consultation

Fatigue risk management efforts used today, whether mandatory or voluntary, often are focused on tactics, like limitations on work hours or modifications of workforce behaviors.  While these are necessary parts of the solution set for fatigue risk management, they are not sufficient for sustainable fatigue risk mitigation. 

Even more problematic is the reference to these bundled tactical interventions as an FRMS or Fatigue Risk Management System.  By definition, a system is a whole interdependent entity and these few intervention points do not capture all of the root or contributory causes of workplace fatigue.  Fatigue risks have their roots primarily in the organization culture and work system design of an enterprise, touching on many more organizational and operational factors than those addressed by most FRMS regulations, guidelines or interventions.

Instead, every enterprise in today's Always-On Marketplace needs to take a strategic approach to mitigating fatigue risks and driving human performance reliability, because the two are so intertwined in our modern workplaces.  When done right, the impact of an FRMS can be dramatic, dropping Tier 1 and Tier 2 Loss-of-Control (LoC) incidents to zero while also cutting overtime in half.

For companies interested in addressing fatigue risks at the deep, root-cause level, RoundTheClock Resources provides a Strategic FRMS Consultation service that will save you money, protect your product quality and safety, and simultaneously foster heightened human performance reliability, workforce safety, productivity and engagement, regardless of the time of day or day of the week that work is performed.  Call in the experts on organization culture and work team performance in multi-shift enterprises (including global and 24/7 operations) to help you build a sustainable, impactful and Strategic FRMS—Fatigue Risk Mitigation System.

Contact us today to learn more about our breakthrough Fatigue Risk Mitigation System Solutions and receive a copy of our FRMS Case Study with the proven results for LoC incidents and overtime management.