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Fatigue Risk Analysis

The starting point for determining the type and extent of risks that workplace fatigue (and especially cognitive fatigue) poses for a business enterprise is a Strategic Analysis of Fatigue Risks. Our SAFR Operations™ Analysis provides exactly that — a comprehensive analysis of all dimensions of the organization that can cause or contribute to workplace fatigue as well as human performance errors, including organizational culture, structures, processes and practices, and workforce behavioral practices at work and at home. Outcomes of the SAFR Operations™ Analysis  Fatigue Risk Analytics include:

  • Identification of root sources and influencing factors for workplace fatigue;
  • Determination of extent and type of workplace fatigue across all levels of the talent pool; and
  • Establishment of the framework for a Strategic Fatigue Risk Mitigation System (FRMS).

Contact us today to request a comprehensive SAFR Operations™ Analysis or to purchase our  SAFR Individuals™ tools for real-time individual fatige risk assessments.