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RoundTheClock Resources

Our History

RoundTheClock Resources, Inc. began operations in 1984 in Norwalk, Connecticut, with a focus on enabling continuous performance excellence and optimizing organization effectiveness as well as employee productivity, safety and health in industries dependent on multi-shift operations and shiftwork. RoundTheClock Resources now delivers breakthrough performance for all types of time-driven work, including: extended workdays, which occur at all levels of the enterprise, including the C-Suite; rapid-response work from fire and police to engineering and project/innovation teams; global work, including cross-time-zone travel and communications; and all types of shiftwork. Here's a brief snapshot of our Company history by decades.


RoundTheClock Resources, then known as MATRICES Consulting Group, began transforming the very staid pulp & paper industry, including giants like Weyerhaeuser and Scott Paper (now part of Kimberly-Clark), producing never-seen-before improvements in productivity and safety metrics while also improving employee relations in this heavily-unionized industry. RoundTheClock also captured the attention of business leaders at many of America's and Canada's leading companies with its highly-popular Leadership Seminar, Managing Round-The-Clock Organizations©.


In 1990, the company moved to the beautiful, high-energy city of Portland, Maine and soon changed its name to RoundTheClock Resources, Inc to reflect the focus on an ever-more global and Always-On World. Our customer base during this decade consisted of a large number of high tech, telecommunications, and process industries, including the nascent biotech industry and the growing energy industry. Industry leaders like Procter & Gamble, Hewlett-Packard, Texas Instruments, Motorola, Northern Telecom, Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, Syncrude Canada, BASF, Siemens, and Genentech contracted with RoundTheClock Resources to set them on a path of high performance across their multi-shift operations. Hear from Executives of HP's Inkjet Printer Division about how RoundTheClock Resources enabled them to capture early market share in this new market space through added features and lowered costs of production.


Early in this decade, all forms of security, safety and speed became paramount to business enterprises. In terms of safety and security, RoundTheClock Resources provided expert assistance to the U.S. nuclear industry, starting with optimization of the alertness and performance of nuclear plant security departments and then enabling nuclear utility companies like FPL Group, TVA and the USA/STARS Consortium to implement the NRC Fatigue Rule (10CFR26). In the speed-of-delivery arena, RoundTheClock Resources helped companies such as global giant Alcoa and Canadian retailer Mark's Work Wearhouse  to improve their customer response time and capture new revenue growth and profitability improvements.

2010 and beyond:

This decade already is bringing more changes to RoundTheClock Resources' customer base and its products and services for breakthrough organizational and human reliability & performance. While still partnering with industry leaders in Manufacturing, like General Mills and Procter & Gamble, we're also engaging with many more high-risk enterprises in the Energy/Oil & Gas and Mining industries who are seeking solutions that produce High Reliabilty & Performance all the time, anytime, and over time.

For the first time, RoundTheClock Resources also has launched online training through RoundTheClock eLearning™ — a Portal for Self-Directed Courses, Seminars On-Demand, Video Briefings, Technical Reports, and eBooks on the Four Pillars of High Reliability & Performance: Reliability Culture & Asynchronous Leadership, Fatigue Risk Mitigation, Resilient Work System with Flexible Integration of Time, Work & People, and WorkForce Resilience, Energy and Empowered Responsibilty.  Come join us in our new online community!