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Brain-Centric Work Organization

time drivenHistorically, organization designs for business enterprises have been built to drive workforce productivity, and more recently, safety and equipment/process reliability.  The missing link among these three desired performance outcomes is human performance reliability—individuals' and teams' ability to perform their job tasks correctly every time and without creating latent conditions for future failures.  To achieve such "Right First Time" reliability, all elements of the work organization need to be infused with Brain-Centric Reliability™ Principles and Practices.  This includes the work environments, work systems, work teams, work schedules, the work culture and the workforce itself.

RoundTheClock Resources assists clients to embed these brain-centric principles and practices into an integrated system of staffing, scheduling, job training, and performance investigations. Learn more about the value for your Company of our Reliability-Focused Performance System .

Due to the interrelationship between reliability and safety, RoundTheClock also enables clients to align their safety systems and practices with brain-centric principles and practices.  Learn more about Brain-Aligned Safety Systems, including a Brain-Centered Hazards Recognition and Control System and Brain-Aligned SOPs.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help your Company achieve "Right First Time" Performance Reliability—reliable results every time, all the time, and no matter the time zone, time of day or day of the week.