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Brain-Aligned Safety Enabling Systems

Companies cannot generate high human performance reliability without Brain-Aligned Safety Enabling Systems.  These Systems include:

Brain-Centered Hazards Identification and Controls:

Brain-Aligned SOPs:

Brain-Aligned HMIss:

RoundTheClock Resources conducts Brain-Aligned Safety System Consultations that enable clients to identify the primary Brain-Centered Hazards in their operations, and to design methods for eliminating and/or mitigating these Hazards.  Additionally, state-of-the-art training is available to help companies revise or extend their Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) so they become brain-aligned tools for enhanced performance reliability.  RoundTheClock specialists also provide consultations on how best to align Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) to align with new neuroscience findings about the human vision-action system.

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