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Applied Neuroscience

The SAFR System for Brain-Centric Reliability™ developed by RoundTheClock Resources, Inc. integrates new breakthroughs in neuroscience with field-based High Reliability Organization (HRO) research to deliver practical, field-tested solutions for advancing human performance reliability. These neuroscience breakthroughs provide new insights on:

  • How our brains really operate
  • How we actually see, which is not like a video camera
  • How we are challenged to accurately detect changes in our situational field
  • How time stresses make our brains respond
  • And much more!

Learning more about the human brain and the brain-centered hazards it can create in our workplaces enables us to transform safety and reliability practices and achieve breakthroughs in performance. Equipped with this knowledge, leaders can create:

-- Zero Loss of Control (LoC) Incidents
-- Significant Reductions in High-Consequence Human Errors
-- Significant Reductions in Serious Injuries & Fatalities (SIFs)
-- Maximum Workforce Productivity

If you want to achieve these outcomes in your work organization, contact us to learn more.