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RoundTheClock Resources

About RoundTheClock Resources, Inc.

RoundTheClock Resources is the proven leader in powering High Reliability & Performance in an Always-On World, generating over $1.5B in bottom-line results for our clients.  Client ROIs, directly attributable to our projects, range from 1100% – 2700% annually.  We guide our clients to hone their thinking about the essential underpinnings of reliable, continuous performance from people and business operations in today's Always-On World, and assist them in designing and implementing all four organizational Pillars of High Reliability & Performance.

From our field experience, we know that businesses achieving Sustainable Performance—meaning value creation all-the-time, anytime and across time—have a different set of structures and practices than do traditional businesses. For example, traditional businesses have rigid silos while a Sustainable Performance Business has a flexible integration of work, time and people.  Traditional businesses still use command & control management, even with team-based work systems, while High Reliability & Performance Organizations have real distributed, empowered leadership, which we call Asynchronous Leadership. 

All businesses today are facing strong competitive pressures, and are striving to optimize operational reliability, costs, quality, product/process/people safety, innovation and speed.  They need people across the enterprise to be highly engaged, energized and equipped with empowered responsibility.  But, achieving these organizational capabilities is easier said then done.  Smart companies seek guidance from RoundTheClock Resources, because we have a 28-year history of customer-proven success building High Reliability & Performance capabilities in all types of global, multi-shift, shift work and extended-day operations.

Our clients are a Who’s Who of Global 100, Fortune 500, and mid-size companies.  Clients range from Siemens, BHP Billiton, and Chevron Phillips Chemical to General Mills, FPL Group, Lafarge, Pharmavite/Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, and Texas Instruments.  RoundTheClock Resources has enabled these clients to achieve breakthrough results in top-line revenues, operating costs, safety, talent retention, employee engagement, fatigue risk mitigation and on-time customer delivery.   Based on our significant client results, RoundTheClock Resources is the preferred provider of High Reliability & Performance expertise for global giants as diverse as Genentech/Roche Group, Saint-Gobain, P&G and Alcoa.

Over the past 30 years, RoundTheClock Resources has guided over 2,600 client sites to achieve High Reliability & Performance with reliable results on key business metrics. 

We don’t just focus on addressing surface-level symptoms.  We focus on identifying the root causes of human reliability and performance problems—whether in the organizational culture, leadership system, operational structures/processes/practices, or employee engagement strategies. Then, we shift the mindsets, core knowledge and behaviors of executives, managers, supervisors/team leaders and the front-line workforce.  And, we enable leaders and the workforce alike to design, develop and deploy the best-fit solutions for powering High Reliability & Performance every time, all the time, and across time.