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Announcing Strategic Alliance

Oxnard, CA - September 1, 2015– Global safety consulting, testing, and advisory firm DEKRA Insight, today announced a partnership with noted organizational psychologist Dr. Susan Koen (CEO) and consulting firm RoundTheClock Resources, Inc. (RTC) for exclusive integration of RTC’s proprietary fatigue risk management and brain-centric reliability services into DEKRA Insight’s workplace safety services.

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Research & Insights

Human Performance and Safety: Critical Lessons from Neuroscience
Dr. Koen is making three presentations at the 2016 National Safety Council Congress in Anaheim, CA on October 17 & 18, 2016 Aug 15, 2016
Brain-Centered Hazards: Risks and Remedies
Knowing that risk is created by exposure to hazards, all members of the workforce have been enlisted to become “hazard recognizers.”   But what if the potential hazards and associated safety and business risks are housed in the human brain?  Download the white paper. Aug 14, 2016

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Managing Workplace Fatigue
A SAFR Individuals™ Course proven to change attitudes and behavior, and to deliver more energized, alert & productive employees. Fulfills ANSI/API RP-755 Required Fatigue Risk Training as well as 49 CFR 192 & 195 and 10 CFR 26 Fatigue Regulations. Take the Course.